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Translations Library

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s library of translated documents.

These documents may be used by schools to communicate with parents for various purposes required by state and/or federal laws and policies. Documents are translated into the most represented languages in Pennsylvania within the constraints of the program budget. Additional languages may be added as demographics within the state change and future budgets allow.

Please notify Center for Schools and Communities (CSC) at if a form or notification that was previously available is not available in an equivalent form or notice here.

The Department encourages all educators to share any forms or notices that you have translated locally and wish to make available more widely. After review, they may be included in this collection. If you wish to request that a form be translated and included in this collection, you may submit the request by contacting the CSC at

Please note that only forms or notices that can be used by all local education agencies (LEA) in the Commonwealth will be considered for translation. All local information must be translated by the LEA. The Department is not offering a custom translation service to LEAs for LEA-specific forms or notices.

  • EL-Specific Education
    • ELD Program Parent Waiver
    • ELD Program Reinstatement Request Form
    • English Learner Placement Continue
    • English Learner Program Notification - Initial Placement
    • English Learner Program Placement - Continuing Placement for Students Taking Alternative ACCESS Request
    • Notice of Annual ELP Assessment
    • Notification of Reclassification
    • Notification of Reclassification ELs with Disabilities Taking the Alternative ACCESS
    • Notification of Reclassification for ELs with Disabilities Taking the ACCESS
    • Quarterly ELD Progress Report
  • General Education
    • 24 PS 13-1302 Affidavit by Non-Parent Caregiver for School Enrollment
    • Bullying Information for Parents-Guardians
    • Compulsory School Attendance Law Notice to Parents
    • District Legal Obligations to Provide a Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP)
    • Home Language Survey
    • Notification of Rights under FERPA for Schools
    • Student Registration Form
  • Health
    • Growth Screening
    • Life-Threatening Health Conditions
    • Minimum Vaccine Requirements
    • Notice of Head Injury
    • PA Medical Assistance Billing Parental Consent Form
    • Permission for Medication Administration at School
    • Physical Examination Required for School Sports
    • Statement of Exemption to Immunization Law
  • Special Education
    • Due Process Complaint Form
    • Evaluation Report Form
    • Gifted IEP
    • Gifted Written Report
    • IEP Dated 2-1-20
    • Invitation to Participate in Gifted Team Meeting
    • Invitation to Participate in IEP Meeting
    • Mediation Request
    • Notice of Parental Rights
    • Notice of Parental Rights - Gifted Student
    • Notice of Recommended Assignment (NORA)
    • Parent Student Rights in Identification Evaluation and Placement
    • Permission to Evaluate for Gifted Education
    • Prior Written Notice - Initial Evaluation and Request for Consent
    • Prior Written Notice for Reevaluation and Request for Consent
    • Procedural Safeguards Letter
    • Procedural Safeguards Notice
    • Reevaluation Report
    • Summary of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance